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Managing Your Social Networking Pages

Social Media website have evolved greatly in recent times to not only being a great place to get some back links but to also develop a community of followers who are going to be active in following your content and to get all of your updates. The important thing is to manage each and every one of these sites according to social media such as posting content in the best organization with Pinterest or making several updates a day through Twitter.

Social Media websites are imperative for your website but at the same time you have to be able to manage them. If you have too many pages that you are unable to manage then you are going to have issues. If you have many pages on many websites, then you are going to want to manage each one with as little time as you can basically get it down to a schedule. You will need to say I spend 5 minutes on Tumblr a day with writing a post, then twitter maybe 20 and schedule the tweets, Facebook, 10 minutes, and go through and do this for all of your pages. Some you don’t need to update every day, some are weekly, so count this in and schedule as many as you can. Write them for days in advance for pages like Pinterest you can do this quickly just by sharing some images it takes seconds to manage.

The main thing is getting the page setup so Pinterest make all of the board that you are going to need categorize the content that you will be sharing and allow other users to pin to the board. After all of your pages are set up as in you are fully ready to streamline posts to them get to it. Pages such as a blog can be beneficial to back links so use a service like IFTTT to streamline your RSS to it. For other pages you can do the same but it is recommended to not or else the content will show up to frequently but if you publish 5 times a day you can streamline them just fine with little to no issues. However, you cant streamline your posts to all social networks meaning you are going to have to post to them manually having something like the Addthis social bookmark on your bookmarks bar can make the process much easier. Some websites though will still require you to go and login and make a post these will take the longest which means you need to have them set up and ready to go as fast as possible.

The more pages you have to manage the less time you have to manage each one. Set one day a week were you go through and manage each one of them make sure that you are checking the comments, moderate the posts and comments, and update the page as necessary.

Other than that the main websites you should be on are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin. These five will be the core of your business, Facebook and Twitter have a large audience, Google Plus has added SEO benefits, Pinterest drives a lot of traffic, and Linkedin makes your business look professional.

What social networking websites do you use, how many do you think we use?

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