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How To Display Last Modified Date In Bloggerr

Blogger is used by millions of people some use it for blogs while others use it for their business sites. When you publish a new post often times you have to go back and revise it in the future to make sure the information is still fresh and correct.

However, you don't want the information to appear to be old if you have updated in a post in 2016, but it says the published date is 2010 it's going to look out of date.

Why You Want To Update Your Date In Your Posts

If you are writing about WordPress and you say there is no way to manage media properly and then the media library is added you will want to correct your story and update the date so your information is correct and users know hey this is still modern and useful. 

Readers always like recent content that way they know its still relevant if you are a political writer you constantly are updating your content to make sure it's still relevant and correct. Or else you will lose readership if they see a date from 2005 about Hillary Clinton and then her views on something changes your readers need to know that information is still fresh and relevant. 

How to Display Last Modified Date of Your Posts

The steps show last modified date in your Blogger blog are as follows and the best part is it's extremely important to do but it's also considerably valuable. 

1. First, go to Blogger >> Posts >> Edit (select the post you are wanting to edit). 
2. Now under Post settings, click on the Published On (located on the right side of your screen).
3. Set the date and time that you have updated the post on. 
4. Select the date you can even change it to a future date if you need too. 
5. Once you have set the new date simply click the update button on the top of the post. 

This tutorial while simply is essential to improving your editorial workflow. Also, a quick note the URL of the post will not be updated (which means you won't lose ranking, or backlinks to the post by updating the date). 

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