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Buffer Better Than Hootsuite?

The age old rivalry of Buffer and Hootsuite. The two social media management services and the question that remains which is better. Some claim that Buffer truly is better than Hootsuite, however is that true? If so what makes it this way. Let's explore this idea a little more.

Buffer- A social media management tool that offers a lot of social media sites to choose from and allows tools such as scheduling and posting to all the pages at once. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin. It doesn't come with a lot of aggregated social media moderation, or even analytics it is more of a tool to post directly to your social media pages.

Hootsuite- A social media management tool that comes with an automated scheduling tool to post to a variety of social networks. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, and Foursquare. The social media tool doesn't stop there, it also has the ability to add a multitude of apps through their store. You are able to add many social media site such as Instagram, YouTube, and much more and they are constantly adding additional apps for you to use. The tool also contains a lot of powerful analytics that allow you to collect a multitude of information about the people clicking what links they are clicking and even more.

Which is better?
That is a clear choice as it stands Hootsuite is the most powerful social media tool from its features. However, who has the better plans and upgrades. Maybe Hootsuite will lose maybe it will continue to dominate.

Buffer Awesome Plan Vs Hootsuite Pro


  • Buffer App cost $10 a month.
  • Hootsuite pro costs $9 a month.
Amount Of Social Media Profiles:
  • Buffer 12
  • Hootsuite 50
Team Members
  • Buffer: 2
  • Hootsuite: 1
Amount of RSS Feeds

Hootsuite is the clear winner in this race as it offers deeper insights, more social media profiles, and more social media services to choose from. 

What are your thoughts on this war? Which social media tool do you use? 

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