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Why We Started Using InfoLinks and Our Future Changes

As you can see, we have started using info links on our Blogger blog. Originally I didn't want to do this for many reasons the advertisements were everywhere on other websites, and they looked very spam-like. However, I decided if they are really like this maybe I can make some modifications to the advertisements so my website doesn't look like spam. To my surprise, the dashboard comes with a lot of simple options to control how many advertisements are shown, the styles such as the colors and even the lines underneath. can be styled between dotted and double underline.

What I have done is I went in and turned off the floating advertisements like the ones on the sides, the pop-under, and the tag list and have opted only for in text advertisements, furthermore, I told it to only show 5 advertisements (I like things to be divisible by 5)  and for them to be only shown on my blog posts.

My reason for doing this was to generate additional revenue, but before I get called out on greed, I would like to say that it is not always easy. I mean I will admit my websites are not huge, they generate little traffic but I still put time into them. I generate pennies a day and I keep trying to improve it and my resolve or reason to do them is no longer apparent. But now I have a resolve and its not to be rich from this, but to generate some additional revenue. I am the kind of person who when I make a change that I don't normally want to do or have to do something that goes against my original statement I decide to make it up to all of you. So I am making a huge list of changes for YouTube, My Social Media Websites, and my websites as well.

Youtube Changes

  1. All subchannels were killed. I used to have many small channels with no subscribers that were meant to be targeted specifically for what I wanted to discuss science, vlogs, store changes, store item reviews, etc. Well today I removed all of them and they are now under our Technology and Review YouTube channel. This means more content will be sent to those subscribers and will cover a broader range of topics. 
  2. Our Channel art is going to be changed. The main image for the header and the image of the profile image are going to be changed on both channels to actually look appealing. 
  3. Our Channel Profile will be changed I am tired of putting my ugly logo all over it. Instead we are going to use a more custom image and our logo is going to be redesigned as well!
  4. The gaming channel is looking to be renamed it is going to be separated from the name of our company and instead is going to have a name relating to my online profile for gaming. Chances are is if you see the name Volnus I am the guy behind it so there is a hint. 
  5. We are going to have a short intro YouTube allows us to place a 3 second branding intro on our videos and we are going to make two for both of our channels. 
  6. Descriptions are going to be changed. I am so sick of my descriptions I literally wrote it up and I was like yeah that will give me backlinks but to be frank the click through on them is horrible. Not to mention that those descriptions are what are shown in Google Search Results so those are going to be changed immediately and all of our trashy links will be gone. 
  7. We networked with For our gaming channel is going to be used as a way to improve revenue and still fit the content. For instance let's say I make a video about Aion and they have a link to play Aion well when you sign up to Aion from my link I will gain revenue. Not only does this help me generate revenue it gives you a quick way to access the game and sign up if you wish opposed to Google Searching for it.
  8. Custom Thumbnails. This is going to be a major change that I am glad is finally being done. I am going to start using custom thumbnails on all of my videos that way you can look at it and get an idea on what the video is about before even clicking on it. Not to mention that this is going to look much better for you when you find the video in Google or on another website.
  9. Redone about page. The about pages are going to be rewritten and are going to look much better than before. 
  10. Redesigned home page. The home page is going to be redone, to better optimize the type of content that you will want to see. Not to mention all of the videos will be going into some sort of playlist to make it far easier for you to find similar videos. 
  11. Advertisements in the middle of videos will be more clearly alerted. When filming I may not always make it apparent enough that we are going on a commercial break with these new changes it will be made more apparent to you.
  12. Possible Ending or Outro which will be used as a call to action for you guys. Again this is a huge task as it will need to be custom for each video and I need to find a color scheme i like. Yes I am pick about this. 
Any more recommendations ask for them in the comments section below.

 Social Media Websites

  1. Fewer options to follow us. We are killing a lot of our websites to follow us on because it is too much work to micro-manage them. They will still exist, but they will not be active and the reason for this currently I can't manage each and every one of them myself. If there is ever a time when this gets bigger and I actually have people to manage them I will bring them back. However, as it stands there are too many to manage and it hurts my brain trying to. 
  2. New descriptions each of the pages are going to have new descriptions there will be more detail and they will be more thought out. Not to mention all links will be removed from them unless it clearly states to place a website link.
  3. New cover photos and profile images. I am getting tired of the profile image and we are going to redesigning the logo to something that actually makes sense and looks decent to use. This is going to take a lot of time so please be patient with me
  4. New APPS and features coming to them. The Facebook page will have new features added to it so that you are able to access our pages easily. There might also be little fun apps in the future if I can ever get around to designing one but that is for another story.
If you have any more recommendations place them in the comments below.

Website and Blogger Blog Changes!!!!!!

  1. Frankly I am getting tired with changing my mind on our website each and every day. The following things WILL be added. Forums are coming back.. Improved login system with additional social sign in features. No BuddyPress. Sorry to say but BuddyPress will never return unless they can make it worth our time. 
  2. Scheduled Posts. I can't keep having the posts just sent out the way they are they come out with horrible writing and the plugin I was using is glitchy it has been removed but we are going to improve on this.
  3. Comment Luv will be removed. While I thought this was going to be a wonderful way to drive comments, it has in fact done nothing. It has only increased the amount of spam that I am receiving every day. Twitter Links will also be removed and there will be more changes about this comment system in the future. 
  4. Redesigned home page, and much more. The widgets are hideous they look out of place clunky and the header is horrible. It lies in the fault of me not using an image for the header and am instead using default Wordpress header. This is going to be swapped with an image for the header that I will have to design so be patient on that. 
  5. New advertisement locations. The google link units are going to be removed. I hated these things they drive NO clicks and are just adding to my load time. However, don't get excited we will have to move and shift around each of our advertisements to a higher performing location. Some might be taken out *coughs ads in the sidebar* *coughs random advertisement at the footer cough cough*. This does mean though some new forms of revenue might join potentially info links.
  6. Improved Load Time! Some improved load time is in the future of all of our websites..
  7. Changed Social Media buttons. The buttons at the top and bottom of the website are going to be changed too much better or more suiting buttons. 
  8. HIGHER QUALITY WRITING.. From what I can tell the articles are sh*t quality. Now we are going to be using several tools to improve the quality of the articles. Also, the articles are going to be longer, and the images are going to be redone. Previously written articles are not configured properly for WordPress. These posts are going to be reconfigured properly using the correct images, the correct tags and clear useless items that are on them.
Specifically For Blogger Based Websites ~
  1. Major SEO changes are coming. The titles are going to be updated. The description, keywords, the robot files, and the sitemaps will be created and organized properly. 
  2. Improved Load Times Across All The Websites!
  3. Custom favicons for all websites!
  4. Possible Addition Of Custom Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook Pages for each website.. This will be a HUGE strain on me if I undertake this because I will need to design a logo, and header image for each and every page. I will also need to be able to manage all these pages so if we can reach a higher revenue an investment in HootSuite might come in handy. However, for now there are no custom pages.
  5. Custom Search Engine Description for every post. Believe it or not most blogs don't use this and we are going to utilize it and go back to previous posts to accomplish this. Again, this is a lot of work to do this but I am going to do it for you guys!
  6. Addition of some new websites and one that mean something to me personally. One will be dedicated to a game that I loved and was very disappointed with its shut down. It will be a collection of images, videos, guides, and information for all of you fans playing the emulator. 
  7. Higher quality articles filled with more text, better grammar, more images, and more inclusion of media such as images, videos, and more. 
Any more recommendations for our Blogger sites, or our main website place it in the comments below!

I have a ton of work to get to doing so if there is anything else that needs to be changed, edited, I am requesting your help to get this done. Any tools that can me manage the pages, any scripts that can automate the process anything and everything you can recommend put it below and I will use it. Thank you for your patience and in a way this is my apology because I want to give you guys what you deserve and for it to be worth something to me.
Thank you ~Scott Hartley 

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